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7/80 Sunrise ReflectedAuthor Mike Herman recognized what he describes as “silent echoes” when his older parents were in the hospital. He would spend time with each of them. Mike describes it here:

“This book, Silent Echoes, began with a story of a time when my father was unable to speak to my mother. Mom was in a hospital several miles away. His own health was limited. So, I went to stay with him for a while, visiting Mom during the day and carrying messages back and forth between them. This was my discovery of silent echoes, the night Dad and I viewed some of their old photographs, and this aged man failed to recognize his own youthful likeness. This led to recognizing many more such echoes that are a part of our everyday lives.”

Mike has Parkinson’s Disease and was able to write this book series that is a compilation of the things he finds silent echoes in. It’s from parts of his life that he wants to leave behind for his family, friends and every reader of his books. By reading this book, maybe you’ll find small things that leave behind silent echoes.

This book is perfect as a companion to a daily devotional or meditation. Read one per day and you’ll have more to think and meditate on as your day progresses. Each one helps you look for the little parts of your day that have more meaning than you might think. You’ll realize how short life is and you’ll hopefully be taking more time to “stop and smell the roses” as you go through your daily life. This book will help slow life down for you and help you appreciate the little things.

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